IF Comp 2012 Mini Reviews

Originally posted Oct.-Nov. 2012

Short reviews of Eurydice, Andromeda Apocalypse, In a Manor of Speaking, Shuffling Around, The Sealed Room, Signos, Living Will, Spiral, A Killer Headache, Escape from Summerland, Castle Adventure, Changes, Kicker, Sunday Afternoon, The Island, J’dal, Last Minute, howling dogs, Transit, Body Bargain, Fish Bowl, Guilded Youth, The Test Is Now READY, The Lift, Murphy’s Law, Irvine Quik and the Search for the Fish of Traglea, and Lunar Base 1.

[Later note: Yes, I noticed that I stopped doing the one-sentence summaries for a bit and then started again. I’m not going to try to add ones in now for the games that don’t have them, since it’s been so long since I played them.]

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IF Comp 2015 Mini Reviews

Originally posted Oct.-Nov. 2016

Short reviews of SPY INTRIGUE, Birdland, The Speaker, Questor’s Quest, Cat Scratch, Onaar, Scarlet Sails, The Baker of Shireton, Crossroads, Gotomomi, To Burn in Memory, Arcane Intern (Unpaid), Grimm’s Godfather, Recorded, Final Exam, Emily Is Away, 5 Minutes to Burn Something, I Think the Waves Are Watching Me, Life on Mars?, Nowhere Near Single, A Figure Met in a Shaded Wood, Darkiss Chapter 1: The Awakening, The War of the Willows, Switcheroo, The Problems Compound, Summit, Pit of the Condemned, Second Story, Grandma Bethlinda’s Variety Box, Capsule II: The 11th Sandman, Growbotics, In the Friend Zone, The Sueño, Kane County, Pilgrimage, Laid Off from the Synesthesia Factory, The Insect Massacre, Taghairm, and The Man Who Killed Time. Continue reading “IF Comp 2015 Mini Reviews”